Our Core Values:

1. We believe God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) is the God of creation, and can be known, and should be worshipped, obeyed and honored in all areas of life.

2. We believe the Bible is the Word of God, and is powerful to guide, teach and transform our lives by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
3. We believe every person is valuable to God, and that God desires a loving, intimate, and personal relationship with each person. His Church should reflect His love to others.
4. We believe that genuine love and caring relationships are essential to every aspect of the life of our congregation.
5. We believe all people are ministers and are gifted to minister and serve with their God-given gifts and talents to help and serve others and the building up of the body of Christ.
6. We believe all believers should be filled with the Holy Spirit and ‘walk in the Spirit,’ committing to a lifestyle of consistent spiritual growth with honest accountability.
7. We believe God is worthy of our best, therefore a growing spirit of excellence should permeate every activity.
8. We believe that team ministry is God’s design for effective ministry development and service.
9. We believe the most effective evangelism happens through people inviting people.


Our Mission:

We exist to be a fountainhead of Jesus’ love and life to our community and beyond, and to prepare His people to serve Him with their life and giftings. (Ephesians 4:12; Acts 2:42-47; Romans 12:1)

LOVE – To love people wherever they are so that they will want to grow where God wants them to grow – this lived out in an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging.

MEND– To mend people from any point of hurt, distortion, fear, bondage in their mind, will and/or emotions. Jesus loves us where we are but takes us to where we are intended to be.

EQUIP – To equip and instruct people in the many ways God thinks, feels and moves as revealed to us in the Bible so that we are better able to understand and obey what Jesus has taught and help us learn to love and mend others.

RELEASE – To release people to serve God in their particular ministry- calling with the giftings God has given to each one. The whole family is benefited when each part fulfills its particular role and calling.

To LOVE, MEND, EQUIP and RELEASE… a nurturing process of love, mending, and equipping God’s people for ministry to others.

Missions We Support

We support Missions all over the world! From Cambodia to Tallinn, Estonia.

Click here to visit the Pum Ou Pram Ophan Home website. The home is sponsored by Fountainhead Foursquare Church.

Click here to see the FCOP website.

ToftsWe also support Brett and Tammy Toft have been married for 24 years and have 4 kids: Ronnie, Joelle, Grace, & Shelby. Brett spent 15 years in pastoral leadership, and has had 10 years of ministry in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region developing relationships and just being there. They are very proud to be members of a very large Christian family called ‘Foursquare’.

Our History:

Locke Family Photo

(Photo of The Locke Family taken in 1985)

‘The Fountainhead’ is the Carson City Foursquare Church, affiliated with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel – an international, interdenominational in spirit gathering. The Foursquare Church has now grown to include more than 64,000 churches worldwide. There are currently more than 5 million members in 140 countries around the globe. It presently ranks as one of the three or four most distinguished branches of Pentecostalism. ‘The Fountainhead’ is one of 205 churches included in the Central Pacific District.

‘The Fountainhead’ was pioneered on June 7, 1987, on Pentecost Sunday. The initial “ministry team” consisted of four families who were all members of Life Center Foursquare Church in Reno. (Now called, ‘Hillside Foursquare Church’). The Lord had been speaking into the hearts of Louie and Peggy Locke, who had been members of Life Center for over 12 years, calling them and their family of four sons (Louie, John, Joel and Ben) to Carson City to pioneer a church (picture at left circa 1987). As that decision was made and plans were being established, the Lord spoke to the hearts of three other families living in Reno (the McKaigs, Meibergens and Nelsens) to join together to see God’s purposes accomplished.

Since that initial Sunday morning, the Lord has been building a people together in relationship and ministry. People have received Jesus as their Savior and Lord, have been baptized in water, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, set free from bondage and harmful habit patterns, grown in their understanding and knowledge of the Bible and released to serve the Lord with their lives and giftings – realizing that our lives are to be:

1. A ministry to the Lord in worship and obedience

2. A ministry to one another in love, acceptance and support

3. A ministry to the world by reaching out to those around us in need of the life and love of Jesus Christ.