Marriage Ministy

Marriage Ministy

Why Marriage Education?
• Every couple has strengths and weaknesses
• Unfortunately, no relationship is perfect
• Most people, rich or poor, male or female,
and regardless of cultural background, want fulfilling, lasting marriages


Some of the Topics Covered

· How to share the truth, in love.
· The three dimensions of a healthy marriage.
· What do we really need from each other? How do we go about getting it?
· If you want to be treated like a king, treat her like a queen.
· How do I get rid of all of this pain and anger?
· Can I ever forgive? (Is forgiveness a choice or a feeling?)
· Discovering the four ingredients for marital closeness.
· Communication skills are taught and stressed throughout the class.

The book that we use is called Intimate Encounters, by David and Teresa Ferguson.

For further information, contact Mark at 721-9016 or Carla at 882-0608.

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